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Attorneys Handling Real Estate Contracts

The most important advice we have to offer regarding real estate contracts is this: Do not, under any circumstances, sign a purchase offer or any other real estate contract without getting legal advice first. Signing a contract is normally legally binding, and there are too many pitfalls waiting for those who try this without legal counsel.

You might decide to get a real estate attorney involved in your quest to buy or sell real estate first in an advisory role and later to help you draft, review or formalize a purchase-sale or lease contract for a home or commercial property.

At Mark Sank & Associates, LLC, we draw on our depth of knowledge and solid reputation in real estate law in the Stamford area and beyond accumulated over more than 35 years. Attorney Sank and our legal team are ready to provide personalized advice for you according to your goals and timeline.

Types Of Real Estate Contracts We Assist With

Request a free 30-minute consultation to discuss the basics regarding the real estate contract that you expect to enter into, such as:

Your attorney can and should advise you on any relevant environmental interests, zoning requirements, land use restrictions, inspection requirements, other requirements posed by a lender and more.

Why You Need An Attorney Before Formalizing A Real Estate Deal

Real estate purchases and sales in Connecticut nearly always require the services of a real estate attorney. Your realtor or broker may offer outstanding services, but for certain aspects of your transaction, including the review of a contract, you will need a lawyer to verify details and guide you through the steps of formalizing the contract.

While offering you legal advice and assisting you in practical terms, your attorney will also watch out for your interests and notify you when any aspect of a property needs extra attention before you sign a purchase, sale or lease contract.

The Next Step On Your Journey To Buy, Sell Or Lease A Home Or Business Property

To schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a real estate lawyer at Mark Sank & Associates, LLC, call 203-967-1190 or 800-785-9702 or complete our online form with no further obligation.