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Knowledgeable Handling Of Nonpayment Of Rent Issues

In the current economy, especially in Connecticut, the nonpayment of rent has become much more common. A tenant’s inability or failure to pay rent in full and in a timely fashion, as well as, the difficulties landlords face collecting monies owed, are both critical problems within the rental real estate market. If you have a nonpayment of rent issue, you should consult an experienced real estate attorney who can help you resolve this matter.

At Mark Sank & Associates, LLC, we bring over 35 years of real estate law experience helping landlords who are faced with nonpayment of rent difficulties. Of course, while there are many reasons why eviction actions become necessary including, the lapse of time (expiration of the lease term), lease violations, and tenants causing damage to the rental unit, the failure of tenants to pay rent is currently the leading cause of eviction actions in Connecticut.

If you have a nonpayment of rent situation or any other problem with a tenant, contact our office today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see how we can help you.

What To Know About Unpaid Rent

Nonpayment of rent is a serious issue to both landlords and tenants. In terms of landlords, the collection of rent is a vital part of their income stream. When tenants fall behind in paying rent, landlords must be cautious in giving additional time or reducing the amount they permit a tenant to pay in any given month. Tenants must understand that landlords use rental income to pay for property taxes, insurance, repairs and improvements to the property as well as to make payments on the mortgage.

If a tenant fails to pay on time or there are payment disputes, there is a statutory nine-day grace period from the date the rent is due. If the tenant does not remit a payment within this time period he or she is considered in default. We can help the landlord take immediate action by arranging for the service of a Notice to Quit, which starts the clock on the eviction process and gives the tenant warning that their lease is terminated and they face losing their right to possession of the rental premises.

If the tenant does not vacate by the date specified in the Notice to Quit, our lawyers will draft and arrange for the service of a Summons and Complaint. The tenant then has the opportunity to file an Appearance or a responsive pleading, which may result in a trial being scheduled. We will represent you at trial and present evidence of the tenants’ default. We will also attempt to negotiate with the tenant for a mutually agreeable date by which they will vacate the premises.

Trust Our Experience

Our experience in this area has made us a resource throughout Fairfield County not only to other lawyers who refer these types of cases to us but by the clerks of the courts who handle the filing of these actions. We know the specific language necessary for eviction pleadings in this landlord and tenant area of the law. Of course, we have an equal level of expertise in representing tenants in eviction actions and can assist you in the defense of these actions including negotiating the time necessary for you to find alternative housing.

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