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Handling Eviction Issues For Landlords And Tenants

An eviction action is a legal action in which a landlord seeks the intervention of the court to determine if the tenant should be removed from occupancy, or if he or she has a legal right to remain in the property. In Connecticut, an eviction is known as “Summary Process.”

At Mark Sank & Associates, LLC, we assist both landlords and tenants dealing with difficult landlord / tenant issues.

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For Landlords

  • Has your tenant breached the lease?
  • Has your tenant stayed in the rental property after he or she has been told to leave?
  • Has your tenant refused to pay rent on time?

A Summary Process action must be preceded by the service of a Notice to Quit on the tenant. We assist landlords in protecting their property rights and taking all of the steps necessary in pursuing an eviction.

Any number of situations can warrant a tenant’s eviction. We frequently handle cases involving tenants who do not pay rent, tenants who violate the terms of a lease, and tenants who damage the premises.

For Tenants

  • Do you disagree with a complaint made by your landlord and/or believe that the landlord is in breach of the lease?
  • Do you believe that you require the protection of the court?
  • Do you need more time to settle your affairs before your required move-out?

Our attorneys assist tenants in dealing with difficult Summary Process matters. If a tenant has a dispute with the actions of a landlord, the issue may have to be settled in court.

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