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Attorneys Carrying Out Collections With An Eye On Results

Collections can be considered a bothersome “necessary evil” or they can be assumed to be an inevitable part of doing business. Ultimately, unpaid balances threaten the cash flow and bottom line of any business, professional practice or financial institution.

Our team at Mark Sank & Associates, LLC, has more than 35 years of experience handling collections in Stamford, Bridgeport and elsewhere in the region from a legal perspective. We have earned the confidence of a wide range of clients, including:

Ineffective Vs. Effective Approaches To Debt Collection

One way for creditors to collect on unpaid medical bills, mortgage loan premiums and other debts is to write or call debtors directly. Such efforts can be ineffective when patients, customers and clients are having trouble paying their bills and may even be on the verge of bankruptcy.

Another tactic of many business owners, banks and other creditors is to turn unpaid accounts over to debt-collection agencies. Collectors may harass debtors and the ultimate yield may be small, as the agencies may pressure creditors to accept pennies on the dollar to put unpaid accounts to rest.

We Are Ready To Collect On Troublesome Accounts On Your Behalf

There is a third way: working with our law firm. Clients of Mark Sank & Associates, LLC, have professional-caliber goals. Our lawyers’ strong track records in collections gives business owners and financial institutions confidence that people who owe them money will receive clear, effective communications without harassment.

Our legal team engages in respectful, no-nonsense dialogue with debtors and helps them find acceptable paths to repayment. With our robust toolkit of applicable legal actions, we can act promptly as necessary to take possession of collateral, initiate foreclosure and otherwise find resolutions without wasting time and money on futile collection efforts.

Consider Collections From A Legal Standpoint

Our clients find it rewarding to work with a collections law firm rather than enlisting collection agencies that typically harass debtors. With more than 35 years of experience, our legal team resolves debt-collection problems in a timely manner.

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