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Wondering Why You Need An Experienced Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

If you are a defendant in a foreclosure action, it is very important that you retain the services of experienced foreclosure defense counsel. Since 2007, when the mortgage crisis first began in the United States, attorney Mark Sank has carved a niche as one of Connecticut’s leading foreclosure defense attorneys. Their relationships and reputation with the judges and court personnel increase the likelihood of a successful defense.

Any licensed member of the bar may file an appearance for you in a foreclosure action but, if that attorney is unfamiliar with the myriad intricacies of real estate and litigation practice, he or she may do more harm than good, inadvertently expediting the foreclosure process while failing to properly seek the modification of your mortgage loan. Regardless of how educated you are about the process, this is an area of law that requires a well-thought-out, competent presentation in a state or federal court.

How We Can Help

Our foreclosure defense practice includes strategies designed to prohibit or delay the foreclosure process while seeking to convince a lending institution to negotiate a loan modification that allows you to stay in your home – which, of course, is the overriding goal for most homeowners.

A growing number of victories by foreclosure defense attorneys in Connecticut have altered the foreclosure landscape dramatically, giving optimism to thousands of homeowners in similar situations. In addition, since many of America’s largest financial institutions and mortgage investors have acknowledged improper, unaccepted or even illegal practices in the handling of mortgages, loan modifications and foreclosures, they have given experienced foreclosure defense attorneys like those at Mark Sank & Associates, LLC additional ammunition with which to fight on your behalf.

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