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More Than 35 Years Of Experience Representing Landlords And Tenants

Property rental is a business. Landlords need to maintain a balance between the needs and desires of their tenants and the requirements of their business to ensure success. Likewise, tenants have the right to expect that they can occupy their apartment, office, store, or other commercial space safely and comfortably as long as they follow reasonable guidelines.

The law firm of Mark Sank & Associates, LLC, in Stamford, is committed to supporting the success of landlords as well as protecting the rights of tenants. We offer free 30-minute consultations. Contact us at 203-967-1190 to speak with an experienced landlord/tenant law attorney.

Our Full Array Of Services For Landlords And Tenants

Mark Sank has 35 years of experience representing landlords and tenants in Stamford and the surrounding area. We are available to assist in all types of disputes related to landlord/tenant law, including:

Whether you are a landlord dealing with a tenant who refuses to pay rent or you are a tenant who has received an unwarranted eviction notice, we can help. We are experienced in landlord/tenant law as it relates to both residential and commercial real estate. Our lawyers are committed to helping you meet your needs by answering questions and preparing a strong legal strategy. We will thoroughly research your case to ensure every base is covered and your interests are protected.

Lease Violations

We frequently handle cases involving the breach of the teams of the lease. Both tenants and landlords can violate a lease, and legal action becomes necessary for either side. A tenant can be in default of a lease by failing to pay rent or violation of the lease terms. A landlord can breach a lease by failing to provide for the tenant’s peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the premises. We are experienced in handling both sides of landlord/tenant lease violations in the region, including in Bridgeport, Danbury and other area communities as well as in Stamford, our office location. Contact us to find out more.

We are experienced in handling both sides of landlord/tenant matters. This gives us a full picture and an understanding of the steps to be taken for an effective legal strategy. We will take the time to learn about your goals. We will find out about your situation through firsthand discussion with you and by researching the legal issues. As we move through the process, we will keep you involved and informed every step of the way. We will work hard to meet your goals.

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