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Are tenants safe from evictions post-moratorium?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2021 | Landlord-Tenant Law

As the COVID-19 pandemic decimated large sectors of the economy, an eviction moratorium protected Connecticut renters who were unable to pay their rent on time. That protection ended on July 1, 2021, as Governor Lamont allowed the eviction moratorium to lapse.

This does not mean all renter-friendly policies have ended. If you are at risk of eviction due to not being able to pay your rent, you should know your rights. You may have lifelines available that allow you to stay in your unit, or at least give you a cushion of time to seek other arrangements.

A lifeline for struggling renters

While the governor ended the eviction moratorium, the following protections are still in place for Connecticut renters:

  • Before your landlord can evict you, he or she must have a state marshal serve you with a form called a Notice to Quit
  • Before serving you with a Notice to Quit, your landlord must apply for rental assistance through UniteCT (your notice should include the receipt number from UniteCT, so you can check if your landlord did, indeed, follow the process)
  • If you are served with a Notice to Quit, your landlord must give you 30 days to move out, provided the reason for the eviction is failure to pay rent

It is very important that you file your own application through UniteCT as soon as possible within this 30 day time period. If you qualify for rental assistance, taking action now can help you stay in your current home.

Knowledge can help you

If you believe your landlord has unlawfully evicted you, you have legal rights you should know about. Powerful laws are designed to protect you, but you must know how to use the law in your favor, something that can be very difficult to do in the chaotic financial times we are living in.